New York -> Bahamas Cruise • Day 1 & 2

Sunday morning at 11:30 AM was when we embarked onto the Breakaway. It was pretty cold, but tolerable. There was some disarray during check-in and boarding, but after that was all sorted out we headed onto our boat! Dante, LaTonya, and I were located in the Studio Lounge area on the 10th deck. It was pretty cozy. Dante and I had adjoined rooms so that was kind of cool. The rooms were reminiscent of my dorm room at Mary Markley, if the room also had a shower, toilet, and sink built in. It was definitely small, but I felt that it was a reasonable size for one person. Especially since I wasn’t in it very much. We met up with the group and explored the boat a bit before we got ready for dinner.

Three of the restaurants on the boat (Savor, Taste, and the Manhatten Room) had the same menu. Savor and Taste were basically mirror images of each other, but the Manhatten Room had a dance floor and live band. All three of these restaurants were included with our cruise fee, so that meant unlimited food! We ate at Taste the first night, and I ordered a Steak Diane. Also two desserts, I couldn’t choose; so I tried both, the tartlet was better.

At night Garrett, Savannah, Dante, and I explored the ship a bit before I went to hang out with Kevin, Dayna, Jay, and Jen. We ended up at Karaoke where I sang Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe” and also picked up the rap part that no one was singing for Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie”. That’s where I met my first set of new friends on the cruise! They were from Philly, but more on them another time. After hitting up the night club, we retired to our rooms. It was a pretty interesting first day.

Day 2 – I attended a Cha Cha class. It was short and sweet, but I think I got the basic steps down. Afterwards I met up with the ladies at a Wine Tasting. I did not officially participate, but they did let me finish off their excess wine. The group convened on the portside deck and we figured out what the plans were for the night. We ended up going to the Manhatten Room for dinner. They had an entrée, Wok Shrimp, that was extremely delicious. I had two, in hindsight I should have had three.

After dinner, Garrett, Dante, Latonya, and I went to check out the mini-golf. Then Garrett and I hung out at the pool and hot tub for the remainder of the night. It was a relaxing end to the second cruise night.

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