New York -> Bahamas Cruise • Day 3: Port Canaveral

On the third day of the cruise we arrived in Florida, specifically Cape Canaveral. We woke up pretty early and met up before disembarking to the sunny shores of Florida.

We took a few Ubers to Ron Jon Surf Shop where we did a little bit of shopping before heading to Cocoa Beach. I definitely did not know how famous this place was. But the Ron Jon logo was familiar. The first thing Lindsay and I did was grab some margaritas, they were only $1! They weren’t very strong, but that works out for me – I don’t like tequila very much.

We spent the majority of the day at the beach hanging out and playing in the waves. I’m always surprised when I swim in the ocean, because I’m used to swimming in lakes where it’s fresh water. About 5 hours into the fun, I realize I can buy some body boards at Ron Jon’s, the waves are good enough. So I walk back and grab some boards for myself, Will, and the kids to have fun with.

After 8 hours we had to return to the boat, where we grabbed dinner and just relaxed. Garrett, LaTonya, LaDante, and I went to the noodle restaurant where the service was horrendous, but the food was good. Afterwards, the adults went to a Latin Caribbean before retiring for the night.

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