New York -> Bahamas Cruise • Day 4: Great Stirrup Cay



Day 4 of the cruise brought us to a private island owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines – Great Stirrup Cay. We learned that the island was bought for $25 million as an investment in the area.  Since there was no port, we had to take a tender over.There was a rather long wait for the tenders, and Will learned that some of the guests had booked their tender departure times the first day of the cruise. Since none of us had any idea, we ended up on one of the final tenders over. We hung out at O’Sheehan’s Bar and Grill while we waited for our turn.


After some waiting we arrived on the island! It was pretty basic, but definitely a nice tropical haven. If there were less people this would’ve been a nice sanctuary to retreat to for some relaxation.




We arrived 10 minutes before the cafeteria on the island was going to close so Dante, Tonya, Aryanna and I went in search of some grub. There was a burger kiosk that was open, so we made a beeline for that while the rest of the group figured out where they were setting up on the beach. I am always very confused to see palm trees, but it’s how I immediately know I’m in a warm climate!

Dante, LaTonya, and I set up in a quieter part of the beach where the water was a little rocky closer to shore, but it was really clear! And by chance we happened to meet the group of friends I made at karaoke.


Before long I went back to the rest of the group to grab the kids so I could take some cool pictures with my underwater camera.

We also managed to grab a couple pictures of fish!

Before long though it was time to go home! We headed back to the tenders, and despite a rocky disembarking we got home a little tired and a little tanner.

Will, Lindsay, Dante, and I headed to Savor to eat, where we each ordered two appetizers and two entrées. They were delicious.

There was a White-Out party that was going on that night and the adults were on baby sitting duty. Near the end of the “Teen Club” aqua mingle I infiltrated the hot tub to hang out before they closed with our group. After we dried off we headed to the arcade where we bummed around for a bit. After the kiddos got tired Dante and I closed our the night at the White-Out party where I met up with my karaoke buddies again!

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