New York -> Bahamas Cruise • Day 6 & 7: Final Days at Sea

After Nassau we were ready to cruise back to New York. We had two days at sea, and at the outset, the captain let us know that it would be rocky weather ahead. The pool decks were still open, but pretty much all the decks near the railings were closed off to prevent accidents.

He informed us it would be 12 foot swells, and you could definitely feel it. Sleeping with the swells was really interesting. Definitely felt like I was on a water bed, but it was just crazy. I imagine it’s what sleeping on an inversion table would feel like.

We spent the days roaming the ship. There were some beautiful works of art on the boat. I was a huge fan of this set of Disney paintings that were on board, but I couldn’t get a picture before they were being taken for the art auction. Also I wish i had thousands of dollars just sitting around so I could’ve bought one of these paintings. I spectated the tango class as well. Not really what I was expecting, but it was definitely an interesting watch.

On Friday there was a cupcake decorating event that was pretty fun. They used like a mousse frosting which was pretty interesting. I was pretty proud of my cupcake creation.

We bummed around on the boat before dinner and LaTonya, LaDante, Will, Lindsay, and I grabbed noodles for dinner! I really don’t remember what else we did that night, I think Will and I hung out and wandered the boat with Dante before Dante retired to bed.


The next day everyone started the semi-cold day on the pool deck. I slept in, since it was the last day of the cruise, and met up with them around 11 AM. It may have been a little cold but at least the sun was out and really mitigated the effect of the wind.

I left to kibitz the Samba class and happened to run into LaTonya and LaDante sitting at the bar preparing for a martini tasting. I wasn’t really interested in that, but did go check out the food at Wasabi (the sushi bar on deck). Dante ended up joining me and hustled back for the martini tasting afterwards. The sushi was not really that great, was mediocre. I was not impressed.


I After sushi I went and met up with the group again where they were getting ready for a dress-up dinner at the Manhatten Room. I hung out a bit before going to change myself and ended up going to the Raw Bar with Dante.

I was pretty unimpressed by the sushi so I didn’t really have very high hopes for this place. I was very pleasantly surprised however, I wish I had discovered/been willing to pay for the food here all cruise. It was so delectable. We also met this lovely couple from New Jersey and had a fantastic time chatting with them.


All the adults were babysitting the youngins and the girls + Garrett were going to the teen club. Everyone wanted to hit the sack early due to the earlier disembarkation time, so Dante, LaTonya, and I headed out to our 10PM reservation at Teppanyaki with Ramona. I was very impressed. Our chef was quite the conversationalist and was very funny. We had a great time at the table and we remarked how this was a much livelier session than our usual Benihana experience. The atmosphere was pleasant and the food delicious. Next time I would definitely spring for both the beverage package AND the dining package.

As all things must, our time on the cruise had to end. It was a lovely time and I really enjoyed getting to know Kevin, Dayna, Jay, and Jen more. I finally got to go on a friend vacation with Will and Lindsay too! I was super stoked about that. I can’t wait for another one!

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