Smoky Mountains

Earlier this week I went on a business trip to Knoxville, Tennessee. I’ve been to Nashville before, so I was pretty excited to see a different part of the state. The first thing I noticed was how close I was to the Smoky Mountains. Unfortunately, it was winter and that meant shorter days and I […]

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Taiwan Trip 2016: Day 4

Day four of our trip we were on our own again. We had planned on going hiking, and my aunts suggested going to Yangming Mountain (陽明山) and to climb the Qixing Mountain (七星山). We took the MRT then a bus to get to the Yangming Bus Station. We were pretty hungry, so we grabbed some […]

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Mammoth Caves

During our stay in Indiana, we decided that since Mammoth caves was only 2 hours away, it would be a fun side-trip to visit before BBQfest started. 8 of us piled into Lori and Zack’s Expedition, and the other 4 piled into Luke’s pickup for the 2 hour journey. Although nature tried to hinder us from exploring her cavernous wonders by making us drive through torrential rains (some might say monsoon), we made it to the national park in one piece.

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