Chinese New Year – Year of the Rooster

2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster. January 28th, 2017 marks the Lunar New Year. It’s a very important holiday in Chinese culture and I feel like I actually know very little about it. Friday I headed to my parent’s house to celebrate with family. During dinner I learned a few things about why certain foods are served at dinner during New Year’s and some other cultural history. For instance, the reason we eat Tofu (豆腐) is because it sounds similar to 多福.Which means more luck. I need to start writing some of this knowledge down or I may forget, oh wait, that’s this.

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2017 is here

I think everyone can agree 2016 has been a shitty year. It has been relentless, and even in the last few days it has caused a lot of sorrow. But mankind perseveres, and despite all the heartbreak we chose to focus on the good, celebrate, and try to make the best of a lousy year. I […]

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Birthday Party at Dave & Busters

Birthdays, movies, and the first major snowfall encompassed this past weekend. Kaz’s birthday was Thursday, and he had a get-together at Dave & Buster’s Friday. Saturday was a pretty lazy day, until LaTonya came over to cook dinner together. Ian and Dante later joined and we made a movie night out of it. Sunday it started […]

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Noel Night & New Friends

I’m a social creature by habit, and I always enjoy meeting new people. It’s definitely a lot more challenging to find new friends after college, but if you take some initiative and gather your courage you find that opportunities do arise. Downtown Detroit has a lot more interesting events than I’ve ever known. Thanks to Ian, we […]

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