Short’s Anni Party 14

      I have now gone to 4 of the 5 Anni Parties that have been held since the first one for the 10th year. Short’s was the first brewery I went to when I turned 21, and so it always holds a special place in my heart. I’ve grown up with it and […]

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Charterstone Campaign: Begin

I’m really starting to fall behind again on posts. Guess this weekend is going to be catch-up weekend. I think maybe my format is too rushed. Maybe I need to write about things with 1 week delay. That might help given how many pictures I take. Any input? I’ve been very excited to play Charterstone […]

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Ian found a new job. He will be leaving us for the Sunflower state. As our work’s celebration of his contributions over the past two years, we went and played Whirlyball. The night started out with some dinner at Ascension Brewing, before we headed over to smash into each other with bumper cars. I have […]

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Valentine’s with Friends

Many years ago, John and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings on Valentine’s since we had no dates, and figured we could enjoy some discount wings on wing Tuesday. The next year, we remained single and instead went to bdubs on wing Thursday. He accidently wore the same shirt, and so a tradition was born. […]

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Cooking with Friends

This past week was filled with food and friends. I am striving this year to not be out of town every other weekend, and I like to think I’m succeeding thus far. Last Wednesday, Joyce came over to visit and make dinner. I met her through Sarah and she’s a lovely human being. We don’t […]

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Two Friends in Columbus, OH

Two Friends is an EDM artist that I discovered during one of my YouTube rabbit holes. Their song Out of Love featuring Cosmos was what turned me on to them. Since then they’ve released a handful of other singles, my favorite being Just a Kid. They were performing in Columbus, and I took that opportunity […]

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