A visit from Katrina!

Not much going on this past week. I’m excited I got Ed Sheeran tickets for September though!   Katrina came home for the weekend since her birthday is coming up. So we went to Dim Sum with the family to pre-celebrate. It’s nice when she gets a chance to come back since she’s so busy […]

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Kristen moved out!

It’s been a pretty low-key week. Had a trip to our Wednesday watering hole ($3 pints with a great selection of craft beers) and saw Logan. Fox is really taking this rated R themed movie thing seriously after Deadpool. It was kind of a shame not to see any of the other mutants, but Hugh Jackman does […]

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First time in Shanghai

I was informed that my language skills and technical prowess were requested for a business trip to China. It was my first time to China and I was excited at the prospect. While there isn’t much that I did outside of work, we did eat delightful food the nights we were there with some sightseeing […]

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Knight’s Steakhouse

The first time I heard about Knight’s steakhouse was from a friend who treated himself after a particularly long night of research. Kevin suggested treating me to a dinner at Knight’s in Ann Arbor last year for my birthday. I declined. We recently decided to go get dinner one night, and he suggested steak. I […]

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