BBQs and Ropes

This Memorial Day weekend has been hot. We met a lot of record setting temperatures, though we did not set any. Despite the heat, Saturday was overcast and was definitely tolerable. My godsister, godmother, and godbrother came into town for memorial day weekend to see my parents (and me too i think…). God-sister came in […]

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Tiffany graduated College!

    Not very much happened this week on my front, but cousin Tiffany graduated college! I am quite proud of her. In my opinion, she’s definitely the smartest out of us. #smartestcousin. It’s crazy that she’s already got a job and in the working world. I still remember when she came to visit the […]

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BBQFest 2018

It’s amazing how fast annual events roll around again. The annual pilgrimage to Indiana was here in the blink of an eye. Ever since Jimmy told us about it, we’ve made our way to Indiana/Kentucky for delicious food and excellent companionship. The street festival is only Friday evening to Saturday night. It’s short but it’s […]

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Cinco de Mayo Extravaganza

Cinco de Mayo. One of the first parties I hosted ever. Borris and I got a house after classes were over for spring classes. We then decided to throw a Cinco de Mayo party. We weren’t 21 yet though, luckily Ryan was! So he got us the booze. How things have changed 12 years later. […]

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Short’s Anni Party 14

      I have now gone to 4 of the 5 Anni Parties that have been held since the first one for the 10th year. Short’s was the first brewery I went to when I turned 21, and so it always holds a special place in my heart. I’ve grown up with it and […]

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Charterstone Campaign: Begin

I’m really starting to fall behind again on posts. Guess this weekend is going to be catch-up weekend. I think maybe my format is too rushed. Maybe I need to write about things with 1 week delay. That might help given how many pictures I take. Any input? I’ve been very excited to play Charterstone […]

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Ian found a new job. He will be leaving us for the Sunflower state. As our work’s celebration of his contributions over the past two years, we went and played Whirlyball. The night started out with some dinner at Ascension Brewing, before we headed over to smash into each other with bumper cars. I have […]

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