Vacationing, without the parental units.

So I was pondering how to properly divide up the blog posts for this trip, and I think the only thing I’ve really settled on is having a final post on Monday that has as many pictures as I care to upload and put up as a slideshow/gallery. I think the problem is that I’ve only been here 1 and a half days, and I’ve taken…411 pictures. That poses a problem for what to add into each blog post. Even if I divide the posts by day, the sheer number of pictures is just ridiculous. Maybe a gallery post for each day too? It’s really quite a conundrum. I think putting up SOME pictures from each day and just leaving you with mouths watering for more is the best way to do it. Even then I’ve only been able to pick like 40 pictures. I guess we’ll see how this turns out. I may have to be more selective with my picture picking. That way you have something to look forward to on Monday/Tuesday. Let us start from the beginning shall we?

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