Days Go By

So it’s been a week, and I’m actually updating on time. Partially cause I’m really bored in class, but also because I’m trying to update at least once a week; but let’s be honest, it’s cause i’m really bored in class.

So what’s happened since the last post?

• On the video game front, I managed to get 1 Traphezohedron in FFXIII after farming adamantoises for 6 hours, thus allowing me to get every single ultimate weapon which means I can basically be done with the game in 1-2 days with a platinum trophy. Yeah yeah, trophies may be dumb, but it does fill me with a vague sense of false accomplishment having received my digital reward for time spent completing their inane tasks.

• On the school front, things are going well. Enjoying my research, made some new friends (Samer & Xuebin in 1 class, and Jackie & Joe in my other). Well same friends I have, but I talk to them more now 😛 We are all equally bored in this class together, and sit together on our computers, though usually I can catch them watching soccer on Wednesdays. Either way, good times.

• And finally on the event front, I went PS3 shopping with Ryan on Saturday. That was entertaining, we found one at Sears. Only to find a ton more at a nearby Best Buy. Also today at Somerset, Alex and I saw a pyramid of them at the Sony Store in Somerset, so if you need a PS3 check out the Best Buy by Summit Place in Waterford, or Somerset. Though the Best Buy at Auburn Hills and Madison Heights as well the Meijers in the area didn’t have PS3s last I checked.

Another fun thing that happened this past week, was that on my way back home from school. The traffic on I-75 was pretty bad, but i passed 5 cars in a row where the driver was either A) texting or B) using their iPhone-like apparatus. I drove by them quickly. That’s not saying the people before and after that were on their cell phones talking. I hate driving.

PAX East was going on this weekend so that should yield some awesome information. I hope to go one year…soon…..

Final thing, We were at the Sony store in Somerset and there was a 3D TV demo on the PS3. It was AWESOME. not the TV itself, but the video games that they demoed, well the video game videos. Looked awesome, That would be super fun to play on. I look forward to the future. Another level of immersion to get fat in.


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