Snowy Tuesday

So I seem to have already broken my New Year’s Resolution about two posts per week. But to try to make amends I will make 3 posts this week, thus restoring equilibrium.

In other news, it started snowing again. Finally. I originally was going to go up north for MLK to ski and hopefully learn to 360, but none of my cousins or friends are able to accompany me. Thus I don’t want to go up north for the long weekend with just my parents and I, as I’ll likely have clawed my eyes out with some sort of sharp apparatus. Maybe. Instead I will play video games with friends downstate! In my comfy sumo chair. I will be sure to take a pic for anyone interested in seeing the extravagance of a Sumo Sultan.

So after watching the episode of Glee “The Substitute“, I was thoroughly surprised by Gwyneth Paltrow’s voice. She is ridiculously talented, and I feel like she’d be cool to hang out with. Though that could be just her characters, but in some of the interviews I’ve seen her in she just seems very mellow. Anyways, that episode explains the recent rise of Cee-Lo Green’s song “Forget You” on the radio. But it’s also an awesome song, so I may do a vocal cover. Hopefully I won’t butcher it too much.

Okay, umm light blog post, I don’t have any cool links for you guys. But hopefully more interesting news in the future.

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