Our Night Shoot with the Taco Truckers


So after a one week hiatus I’m back! Been busy getting back to my normal life, but I’ve always had it in mind to finish my “production blog” of my time spent in California working on George Biddle, CPA. Thanks for waiting, and thanks for all the views! I’ve had a huge spike in the views, and I know it’s cause of these posts. I’m sure they’ll be back down to 20-30 a day after this whole ordeal is over. 🙂

We filmed Hippolyta’s Belt Buckle on June 16, 2011. It was the first night shoot of production, and overall it went pretty smoothly. We had to wait for about an hour at one point for the sun to get to a position that we wanted but hey, that’s the business. It was also a bit tricky, since we were trying to film different points of the movie all at the same time, so continuity had to be right. For instance, the lasso launchers on the Bel Air. They were off in some scenes, but on in others.

De’Anginae’s Husband was originally from Detroit so we had a lot of fun talking to each other. I like to think I inspired him to come back and visit our fair city. On a side note, Detroit is not that bad. Obviously if you are wandering out at night by yourself you’re asking for trouble, but that’s true in any big city. While we were filming the Cerberus scenes, I also discovered Hera’s husband was originally from (and still has family in) Grand Rapids, MI. It was pretty nice to see the Michiganders come out of the woodworks.

We converted Frank (The Taco Truck) into Hippolyta’s Bedroom. The idea being that Hippolyta’s Taco Truck has a larger interior than is expected from seeing the exterior. Think the TARDIS from Doctor Who, or the camping tents from Harry Potter (I’m thinking of when they go to see the Quidditch Tournament). I applied some wood paneling to the inside with Andy and we made it look halfway respectable. nothing collapsed on anyone so that’s always a plus. I think I’ve done more work with tools those two weeks than I have in my whole life. It was a lot of fun.

The bedroom scene was filmed with only essential people, and no cameras were allowed except for the actual filming camera. It was the most our director had ever asked of an actress, and we wanted no misconceptions to be had. There was nothing racy, but it was still a scene and situation where we wanted our actress to be comfortable. The best part of the night in relation to that scene, was when all the interns had to get behind the OTHER taco truck, and start rocking it. So there was about 4 of us just pushing on this taco truck, having no idea when there was action. We originally were just practicing, and when we stopped the director was like “KEEP GOING!” and we were confused as to when action was yelled, or if it was even yelled at all. But we kept it a rockin’. And good times were had by all.

That night I had met some more of the interns, well the only ones remaining anyways. They were cool folks, and worked with them on the Saturday Nemean Diner shoot. That’s what the next post will be about so stay tuned! Thanks for checking in!

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