I’m doing a poor job of maintaining this blog. Been crazy and I’m back from sabbatical! Okay it’s more likely to be a hiatus but I’m all moved in and working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week! Okay 4 days a week while I finish my thesis but I love working at Visotek. I think I need to get into a routine for updating this blog though, but I always feel like I need a good hour or two to write a post. This, however, is probably a fairly prominent indication that I’m writing too much. I’m sure you, as the reader, doesn’t feel like reading a novel, so unless I’m writing some sort of review (which hopefully isn’t a daily thing at this point) I am going to try to keep the word count under 300.

Until then, I’m back! I’m in a new place, and I’m loving it. Things I’ve been up to these last few weeks? Probably most eventful was the pre-release screening of Contagion I saw with Latonya. There will be a post following this to be posted with my thoughts on the movie. In short, it’s a modern day Outbreak. That’s pretty much it. It’s a boring life, but until I get settled that’s how it shall be. The goal is to find something to post every day for at least the remainder of September, minus this weekend as I’m going out of the loving embrace of the internet for my mother’s annual celebration of her arrival onto this blue marble. Also fire pit and BBQ deliciousness while up north; to be clear, it’s the stuff that will be cooked on the fire pit that will be delicious not the fire pit itself.


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