Exciting New Year

It’s shaping up to be a pretty exciting new year!

I forgot to post the picture of the Leek, Cod, and Potato Gratin we made the day we picked Sarah and Ellen up from the airport! Feast your eyes!

Leek, Cod, & Potato Gratin

So not really a lot has been going on since last week. Worked a fair amount trying to get things in order with Rick’s departure. Now it’s Sheila and I back on sales in full-force! Time to close some deals! I love where I work. I have great co-workers and it’s always interesting. I did discover a new Animé called Fairy Tail that I started watching. If you like magic and anime, you should watch this. It kind of reminds me of One Piece.

Saturday, January 12th I went to the Novi Public Library to meet with my Professor and work on finishing my Master’s. That library is hella nice. I was thoroughly impressed. I had originally thought we were only going to stay for 2 hours, but my Professor had said he intended to stay until the library closed at 5 PM. But we rescheduled and I went to meet my parents at the house we were looking at. They wanted to see it for themselves, before putting in an offer. They really liked it, and so the offer was put in. I’m both nervous and excited.

Sunday, January 13th was Brunch at John’s house. I had brought my camera to take pictures, and then completely forgot to take them. John made French Toast, Baked Cinnamon-Nutmeg Apples, Bacon, and Mimosas. We were so full at the end. We are all enjoying these dinner party/lunch party get-togethers we’ve been having weekly.

Also I heard back today about the seller signed our offer. I think this means we get the house! I’m pretty excited. Just gotta wait for the short sale to go through! Wooooooo.



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