Cleaning Frenzy

Wait what? It’s Friday already? Crap! That means I’m 11 hours late posting! My brain must live in some kind of time vortex that doesn’t acknowledge the passing of time in a correct fashion.

So not really much has happened this week. The main thing was that I went on a cleaning frenzy in my house. Swept the basement, mopped the basement, dry swiffered the basement, wet swiffered the basement (Swiffer as a verb looks weird), vacuumed the carpet int he basement, shampooed it, then vacuumed again, then did my normal floor cleaning routine for the main floor, and then scrubbed down and rearranged the kitchen a bit. All that’s left is to clear off what little remains on the desks in the basement, clean the laundry room table, and organize the shelf my printer is on. I am a machine. Even Consuela would approve.

Or not…

So not a whole lot other than my house being clean. Organized, that’s a task for another day. BUT! I did get the Sarah nose stamp of approval. So I am pretty pleased with myself. For those of you confused, my cousin has allergies and is very sensitive towards dust and the like.

I got a new shade for my window, and also a new 39″ monitor for my computer! Alright it’s actually a TV, but I thought having a 4k Resolution would be incredibly useful (cool) for doing things like Photoshop, Premiere, and of course gaming!

20140117-01 20140117-02

This weekend should be exciting as Jimmy, Zack, and Papa Downs are coming up for the Auto Show! I haven’t been since I was in grade school so I’m looking forward to going with some car enthusiasts. Guess what Tuesday’s post is gonna be about?!

Guess I’ll work on getting the Christmas photos up this weekend, and maybe catch up on some more old posts.


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