A low-key weekend

It’s been a pretty low-key weekend. Been trying to relax a bit after all the events that have been going on and will be going on. It’s nice to have a weekend with nothing planned every now and again. Though theoretically my isolation was supposed to make every weekend free.

Friday my parents came and helped me install the last 2 shades for my kitchen. Also I got the 2nd mat for my kitchen. The house is almost 100% together. I’ve got the upstairs clean/mostly organized, and the basement is close to that. I’m very excited. I’m hoping to get the important things together by the end of the year.

Saturday, I was supposed to help Joyce move into her new house, but she didn’t get the keys yet so I invited her and her husband over for board games and dinner! Unfortunately he was busy, so only Joyce made it with my cousin Sarah. Later on Nikki also joined us as well. Before dinner and games though I went to get my haircut and then got some ingredients for dinner. I made fresh fettucine with a meat bolognese sauce. It was delicious. I was initially concerned that we wouldn’t have enough food, but my fears were assuaged as we chowed down. Before dinner, we played Seasons, and after Nikki showed up we played a game of Tzolk’in.

After everyone left, I cleaned up and went to bed. I was awoken by some scurrying in the middle of the night, I assumed it was my cat. I woke up again in the middle of the night and heard snoring, then I realized the scurrying I heard was Dante. I woke up on Sunday and I was right! We hung out before he had to work Sunday. I cleaned the house, then watched a fair amount of Beyond the Boundary. Probably should’ve shoveled my driveway, but it kept snowing so I chose to not act out the trials of Sisyphus as it was still snowing.

A nice relaxed weekend, to be followed by 2 more weeks of excitement. I seem to be following a cycle of 2 weekends on, 1 weekend off.


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