Pi Day & Beer Throwdown Semi Final Round 2

So two exciting things happening this week. One was the 2nd Round of the Beer Throwdown Semi-Finals, and the other is much nerdier but equally exciting – Pi Day!

Wednesday was the 2nd round of the semi-finals at Ashley’s Westland. This week was Epic Brewery vs Right Brain Brewery. We haven’t hard our regular server, Farner, in forever so Elson and I were pretty happy to be back. She can even read my mind! She put an order in for a beer basket with no jalapeno poppers as soon as I sat down. I fervently supported Right Brain Brewery that night and only drank beers from them.



I started with a Naughty Girl Stout because I love mint, and even though I normally don’t liek stouts it was ¬†lighter than I was expecting so it turned out pretty well. Elson & I were famished so we ordered actual food. He got Baked Mac & Cheese while I ordered a Steak. I haven’t had a steak in months, so it was glorious. I finished off with a The 2nd Coming Double IPA. IPAs are my beer of choice and this one did not disappoint. At the end of the night, Right Brain took home the victory. I will clearly credit myself for the win, and no one can prove otherwise!

EDIT: The finals match is Right Brain vs Paw-Paw, Wednesday April 16th, 2014. See you all there!

For Pi Day, I made a Summer Berry Pie to bring into work. I was originally going to make a Blood Orange Meringue Pie, but was concerned the Meringue wouldn’t keep well overnight. Dante also came over and helped with dinner. He decided on making Baked Pasta Primavera and we set off to work!

EDIT: The pie came out great, and it was the only pie that was brought in that was finished. It was more of a fruit tart than a pie, but it was delicious. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to do something just as great.


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