New York -> Bahamas Cruise • Day 5: Nassau

Nassau was the final stop of the cruise before we headed back to New York. I decoupled from the rest of the group and slept in before I headed out. A vast majority of the group went to Atlantis, which I’m told was amazing. I didn’t want to spend the money and opted to explore the port area. LaDante and LaTonya also ventured off early in the morning to go shopping, so I did some solo adventuring.


I went to a Starbucks to get internet and looked up if there were any nearby forts. My coworker had suggested I visit one. I found one about 1.4 miles away, which was a trek but I didn’t think was too bad. There was great scenery and I enjoyed seeing all the different areas of coastal Nassau. Unfortunately all I was greeted by was Bahamas Shipping and Customs. I even walked as far as I could go without having the proper security clearance and saw no signs of the fort. While I was disappointed, I did my best and decided to try to head to the other fort that was 1 mile away. Eventually in my travels to find a fort I met up with LaDante and LaTonya by pure chance and we hung out the rest of the day together.


After our search for my second fort led us into the shadier area of Nassau (where we decidedly looked like tourists), we turned back and relaxed on the beach before we re-embarked on the boat.

We regrouped with everyone and I headed with the kids to look for a sweets shop. We ended up only discovering a gelato store and I bought some of the kids ice cream. Following that we got ready to go on the ropes course before they closed down for the rest of the cruise. No one had done one before other than me, so it was definitely an interesting experience. I had fun, it wasn’t as difficult as the ropes course in Michigan, but the wind and utter blackness on all sides past the boat definitely made it less of a cake walk. The girls freaked out, but I think everyone had fun. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take my phone or my camera on the course so no pictures.

At night Will and the crew headed to the casino where we all did a Mini beer shot and it was DELICIOUS. While they played Let It Ride I went to check out the 70s/80s retro party at Spice H2O. I was mostly there to see how many songs I would recognize, and I happened to meet my karaoke group friends again! We decided to head out to karaoke again where I met up with the crew. I rapped the Eminem part for “Love the way you lie”. The crowd was kind enough to all sing the Rihanna part. My voice was definitely hoarse before and after, but luckily I didn’t have to hold a pitch.

We spent the rest of the night drinking, dancing, and hanging out until 3 AM before we all got tuckered out and called it a night. Was a really eventful/full day and a great way to spend our last night in the Bahamas.

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