BBQFest 2018


It’s amazing how fast annual events roll around again. The annual pilgrimage to Indiana was here in the blink of an eye. Ever since Jimmy told us about it, we’ve made our way to Indiana/Kentucky for delicious food and excellent companionship.

The street festival is only Friday evening to Saturday night. It’s short but it’s very packed. There’s an art street, the primary competing teams, and other fair food/stands. But there’s also a classic car show and an amateur(?) BBQ competition that occurs.

John, Jimmy, and I were the only people to head out there Friday night. I wanted to maximize my BBQ consumption, so I wanted to go both days. In general, most of the pulled pork sandwiches/mutton sandwiches were $4 each. Simply delicious. We stopped by all the competitors that were selling and made sure to grab sandwiches or burgoo. There was a band at the end that had a violinist playing, and they were great.

As is typical, we just lounged about afterwards and played board games. I brought Terraforming Mars, because I love that game a lot.

The next day the whole lot of us went and ate our fill. It was a nice day. Historically the last 5 years, it’s always rained when we went to BBQFest. Despite my sunblock, I still got burned (always reapply ladies and gents) and have some wicked tan lines from it. Never have we experienced 90s at BBQfest before. I kind of miss the rain…

We had to occupy time before we headed to an escape room. So we hung out at a park and made friends with a squirrel.

The 10 of us were 4 min from setting the record for that room. Very pleased with our performance


I ended up buying my mom’s Mother’s Day gift from one of the vendors there. I have started really appreciating finding cool art or gifts at festivals. You can find some unique things.


She really loved it. It now resides at their house in Northern Michigan:


Until next year friends.


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