Last day in Carlsbad

So the it only takes me like 10-20 minutes to write these posts, and then another 40-50 to put up the pictures and format them in a way I feel is presentable. Luckily, this post doesn’t have too many pictures, but mostly that’s because Katnip and I spent a lot of the morning/early afternoon at the beach where we were too busy enjoying ourselves to take pictures. In the evening we went to Besta-Wan Pizza house with Mary & her boyfriend Eric, then finished the day with the 3 Bs – Beach, Beer, and Buddies.

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Memories of the 2nd day of my California Vacation

I cannot believe how busy I’ve become. But one thing I’ve made sure to do is write this blog every Tuesday. I seem to have failed this week though. Since May 12th, I’ve had some kind of event every Saturday until Yesterday. First Cask Fest at Ashley’s in Westland; then Ann Arbor to take Will to the bars there and also hung out with my cousin Connie at various places in Ann Arbor; followed by Memorial Day weekend up north with Trevor and my family; then another vacation the following weekend to Carlsbad, California; and finally Ravi’s Graduation Party last Saturday that happened concurrently with the second Guild Wars 2 Beta. This Saturday I had nothing planned, although Lobsterfest was on Friday and we had some delicious food/beers. But this weekend I finally had a Saturday to just relax and not do anything. I did begin my writing for these posts though, and now I finish it on Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there.

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