Board Game Weekend

This past Saturday marked the unofficial beginning of my once a month Board Game day. My coworker had told me about a board game night she had about a year ago, and since then I’ve toyed with the idea in my head. It wasn’t really until Pat and I started playing more and more board games that I revisited this idea for real.

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Snow returns!

Snowy Drive In

So I woke up yesterday to a snow-filled wonderland. Well not quite that, but I was determined to not have any ice form on my driveway. So despite the only half inch of snow on my walkways, I shoveled them before I went to work. Up until about 0.5 miles from my workplace it was clear, but it looked foggy up ahead. Then I hit a wall of snow. It was awesome how it wasn’t snowing on one side of the “wall” and then it was coming down like crazy on the other side. It reminded me of a game cube from the show Reboot.

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