Lockhart’s New Menu

New Menu Item

So on Monday I got a tweet from Lockhart’s BBQ inviting me to come take pictures and have a tasting of their new menu item – Smoked Suckling Pig. Unfortunately it was at 3 PM, right in the middle of the work day. I headed into work early on Tuesday, hoping to buy some extra time for lunch as I would have had to drive 34 min to get to Royal Oak. Lockhart’s ended up tweeting me that they were running late, so that helped a bit as it pushed my “lunch” closer to the end of the work day. It was a beautiful day out though, so it was a nice drive over there. I parked at John’s apartment, and since he was a regular there I didn’t think they would mind too much if I brought him; plus he let me park at his place so we could walk over.

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Lockhart’s BBQ Pitmaster’s Dinner: Wild Game & Frankenmuth Brewery

Well I’m back. I know a few people have been waiting for this post so I managed to cobble something together for everyone. All it took to get me writing again was a delicious meal planned by head chef Scott at Lockhart’s BBQ. John informed me a few weeks back that Lockhart’s was once again having a Pitmaster’s Dinner – of course I was in. The theme for this round was Wild Game with Frankenmuth Brewery providing the libations. This time the tickets were $75 a person, slightly more than last time, but definitely worth the experience and the food. I even managed to convince Latonya and Sarah to come out.

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