Taiwan Business Trip

  After my business in China was concluded, I was off to Taipei to visit (and help) at our Taiwan branch. It was quite an ordeal going from a freezing tundra (12F) to a tropical climate (75F). I was lucky to have brought a few t-shirts, or else I may have needed to buy new […]

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Taiwan Trip 2016: Final Day

The last day of my Taiwan excursion was spent with Connie & Marissa’s family. We met up at the Songshan MRT station and headed towards Yangmingshan (陽明山) to eat at the Grass Mountain Chateau (草山行館). The weather was a bit inclement and it had just started drizzling, but I thought it was nice. The wind was […]

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Taiwan Trip 2016: Day 4

Day four of our trip we were on our own again. We had planned on going hiking, and my aunts suggested going to Yangming Mountain (陽明山) and to climb the Qixing Mountain (七星山). We took the MRT then a bus to get to the Yangming Bus Station. We were pretty hungry, so we grabbed some […]

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Taipei, Taiwan Trip 2016: Day 3

My plan to post pictures in real-time faded quickly as our activities drained our energy. But here’s Day 3! We started off our day with a breakfast run at a 燒餅油條 place near my aunt’s apartment. I was here 10 years ago, and they are still around. Good to see that their business has been good […]

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Taipei, Taiwan Trip 2016: Day 2

Second day in Taiwan! My aunt met up with us and took us around the northern shore of Taiwan. We hit up Shimen Dong (石門洞), Guihou Fishing Harbor (龜吼漁港), Yeliu Geopark (野柳地質公園), and finished up at Keelung Night Market (廟口夜市). It was a jampacked day and hot as hell.  Today I only managed to take […]

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