The Beginning

So I’ve never been great at writing blogs, or keep up with them. But I think I’m going to strive to write something every week. I don’t get to write too often, so I think it will be an interesting test of whether or not I can come up with something interesting every week, or force myself to write a mundane post. Maybe someone will be interested to read it.

So I guess this week the most exciting thing that’s happened is that I’m unofficially in my PhD Program for Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Yes I realize I probably didn’t have to write that all out, but in the event that some internet wanderer comes across my post, they may find that morsel of information necessary. So I haven’t officially been accepted, but both the admissions lady, and my professor are talking as though I’m already in. My professor is currently attempting to try to secure some money in order to pay for my tuition starting winter term. I’ve got high hopes. Which means I start school again in the winter!! Hope to see all you current students back there!

Well, that’s it for now, unless I can think of something else to write I hope you all enjoy the rest of your morning, afternoon, evening, night. Whenever 😛


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