Halloween and my Birthday

So two weeks have passed since my first post, and I’m already failing at writing at least one blurb a week. I feel the problem stems from thinking it’s pointless to write anything unless it’s meaningful or imparts some type of moral/”thing to ponder” upon the reader. I guess that’s one thing I could strive more to do, maybe not necessarily find something with a profound value in it to write about, but at least write about something that doesn’t primarily involve what I ate for lunch.  So here goes.

First of all, Halloween weekend which was also my birthday weekend, was A-maz-ing. While not all my guests that said they would show ended up making an appearance i was very happy at the people who did end up participating in the festivities. There were some great costumes, and then there were some not so great costumes, like mine, and still there were a lack of costumes. I’ll post some pictures within a day or two to illustrate. Either way, thanks to Chris for letting us have the party at his place, and being an amazing host. We all had a great time, Jello shots were a great hit, and of course Thumper as always. I was disappointed by the lack of dancing and the inability to play Chandeliers (due to the table being utterly unbounceable) but these things happen. I was very pleased that my two friends Ian and Mike were able to come down after a 2-2.5 hour drive, and some deception involved. That was a pleasant surprise and after we retreated to Erin’s attic before we went to sleep we drank some more and had a good time with a game of never have I ever.

My birthday was equally awesome, essentially spent (much like Halloween) with my closest friends and most especially I got to spend all day with my girlfriend. We awoke in the attic at 7 AM and drove back to Troy, where we went back to sleep (it was a late night okay!) and re-awoke at about 11. Since we had blunch at The Flytrap Diner on Woodward Ave. just north of 9 mile we had to get ready.
7 of us miraculously fit into the somewhat tight quarters of the Fly Trap, and it wasn’t as awkward as I thought it might be, as not everyone knew everyone else.  Jess, Jessica, Cynthia, Will, Erin, Alex, and myself had a delicious blunch. The fried rice there is DELICIOUS, and affordable. I couldn’t finish it so it made a nice lunch later in the week, and for only 8 dollars I was extremely pleased. Most of the group got waffles, being only 5 dollars and gingerbread it’s quite the deal. I would reccomend anyone that hasn’t been there to go immediately at the next available opportunity. It is just awesome. I don’t even know how else to describe, just go and thank me later.
After brunch, me and the girlfriend just hung out, eventually fell asleep while cuddling and then we got ready to go and I took her to meet her dad and she went home 😦 it was a sad moment but I’ll see her soon! (Oh! also, we got Borderlands for her too on the way up, she has been enjoying that a lot ^^ )

Overall an awesome weekend, and I have very fond memories and pictures from the weekend. Originally I was going to write a paragraph on Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, but the more I play it the more I realize it needs it’ sown separate blog post. Thanks Grace for getting it for me for my birthday, I’m loving it (as I knew I would, the Ratchet series has been amazing thus far) but I told you not to get anything for me! Expect retribution.

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