Humdrum and Thanksgiving

So not a lot has happened other than my continued failure to keep up with my own blog. I’m sure sometime soon, I’ll get in the habit. Until then I’ll have to deal with the sporadic manner in which I’m posting. Not much has happened though. I switched departments from Quality to R&D for my internship and it’s pretty fun. I’ve made new friends with the co-ops that are there, and shared a smile and some conversation with old familiar faces. It’s been an interesting transition back. The co-ops are definitely a fun addition. Someone slightly closer to my age to talk to when I need help or need a buddy to help me with my work and subsequently converse with. But that never stops me from being happy to see the people I’ve been able to work with the last two terms I was there. Good times.

I was very happy to see some old friends over Thanksgiving break. Some I haven’t seen for 2 years, other a few weeks. I’m always ecstatic to see friends that take the time and effort to keep up with me, or schedule time to see me. People like Brad, Megan (Twin), Eric, Nikki, Kasey are always super busy but they try to find time for me and I’m very thankful for that. I was especially happy to see Twin (who i haven’t seen in a year) and finish one of our video projects in the short time we had together, as well as Nikki (my chocolate bear!) who i haven’t seen in 2 years because she’s been hiding in DC. When Nikki visited I forced her to drive out of the way due to some misinformation and then I drove us to Ann Arbor to taste the delectables at Kasey’s shopfront. After which the three of us went to a bar to reminisce and catch up. Only way it could have been better was if there had been some kind of fireplace or firepit near where we were sitting at the Blue Tractor. But as goes with most things, we had to part ways and I hope to see them again at Christmas.

Thanksgiving itself was pretty fun, I got to see my cousin who came home from Pitt and even though she was too busy studying half the time to talk to us we still love her 🙂 The food was excellent, and I literally went into a short food coma for a short period of time after dinner. I was so tired, and so full. Loved it!

Anyways until next time.


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