Turkey Day 2012


What an interesting and busy Thanksgiving weekend! And I figured out what was causing my computer to shut down. I feel like I finally have some time to sit down and write about my Thanksgiving last week. I had to figure out how to get pictures off my camera, in the end I ended up using my PSP to retrieve the pictures. Then I managed to get Adobe CS6 on the computer to work, and was able to actually convert my pictures. ☺ I feel like I am more busy than I should be. Anyways on to the Turkey Day Weekend shenanigans.

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Humdrum and Thanksgiving

So not a lot has happened other than my continued failure to keep up with my own blog. I’m sure sometime soon, I’ll get in the habit. Until then I’ll have to deal with the sporadic manner in which I’m posting. Not much has happened though. I switched departments from Quality to R&D for my […]

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