It’s Finals Time!

Not a whole lot to write about today. So busy with presentations, hoemwork, quizzes, and a final. All within the next 2 weeks so I gotta get hustling.

I beat God of War I and God of War II, and have moved onto God of War III. Well I killed Poisedon, and haven’t done much from there due to school. But I hope to nip all the presentation preparations in the bud, and then study early so I can get some play time in. The story for all 3 has been remarkably good, and fairly in-depth for it’s genre. I was thoroughly surprised how much I found myself empathizing for Kratos, you know between ripping harpies in half and gutting centaurs. The graphics that were redone for GoW I and II are noticeably better, but pale in comparison with it’s trilogy finale. GoW III looks incredible. The lighting, textures, and colors are just amazing. Although sometimes things (including Kratos himself) are just a bit too shiny, the game is definitely sitting at the ridge of the uncanny valley.

Though while playing God of War I’ve found myself  to enjoy killing enemies from afar using Zeus’ Fury (in GoW I) and Typhon’s Bane (in GoW II). This has led to me to think about my playing style, and apparently I like to sit in the back and shoot stuff. Sniping in FPS’, Magic or Ranged attacks in RPGs. I find myself always playing a support role, or a sit from afar and destroy enemies-type role.

Anyways, I have a group presentation that’s due tomorrow so I’ll have to bid you all adieu here.



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