April Showers

Time really does fly. Lots of exciting things have been happening, not least of which is a personal growth goal set up by some leadership exercises I’ve been doing with my boss. I’ve set some goals for myself, and am in general following them very well. This blog is the last one that needs to be reconciled.

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It’s funny, because I stopped using Facebook as much so I could update my blog for pictures and such things. While still using twitter to post statuses and I have done none of that. On another note, once I’m 100% done with school and not worrying about it all the time, I may actually have […]

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New Chapter

So unfortunatelyi will have to keep this short as typing from my new transformer tablet is slow despite the awesomeness that is swype. I moved a majority of my stuff in to my new apartment today and I think I will enjoy it there very much. At the moment I have no bed but I […]

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So my laptop is fine, my laptop’s hard drive is another story. Luckily a majority of the important data I had on it is synced across multiple computers. I did however lose the music video for Just Can’t Lie by Maroon 5 that Katrina and I made over the fourth weekend. That was pretty sad. […]

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It’s Finals Time!

Not a whole lot to write about today. So busy with presentations, hoemwork, quizzes, and a final. All within the next 2 weeks so I gotta get hustling. I beat God of War I and God of War II, and have moved onto God of War III. Well I killed Poisedon, and haven’t done much […]

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