So my laptop is fine, my laptop’s hard drive is another story. Luckily a majority of the important data I had on it is synced across multiple computers. I did however lose the music video for Just Can’t Lie by Maroon 5 that Katrina and I made over the fourth weekend. That was pretty sad. I should’ve just left the raw footage on the camera. There was plenty of room. Why oh why didn’t I leave the raw footage on the camera. 😦

Life is returning to normalcy though, so I can finish off the last 2 Biddle posts I had planned, and then hopefully by the time those two are up the next music video that I’m working on will be done. Katrina wanted to put out a “Moves Like Jagger” video before the real one comes out, so it’s turning out really well so far. I’m starting to think I might have a touch of talent.

I was thinking of ways to create more appeal/content for my blog because I realize I just post on a lot of video game news with my opinion. As much as I enjoy that aspect of my blog, I realize it’s a bit of a niche audience, so I thought maybe I’d expand a bit outside of video game news and restaurant reviews. Originally I had made some kind of goal to post a cover of me singing something every week, that may or may not be a good idea. But at the very least I think I’m going to put a picture, video, or something I created every Friday. As inspired by other blogs I’ve seen. Ideally I’ll be able to make a video every couple weeks, or every months while summer persists. We’ll see, I’m getting a bit bored with making only music videos, but every time I try to foray into the world of shorts I feel they turn out weird. My last one actually had it’s intended effect, despite my shoddy camera work and outdated camera.

I really hate dialogue. Primarily because I suck at writing it. Overall this was more like a music video than a short, but I suppose it’s a good way to transition. Perhaps this idea deserves another look. Anyways, that’s my life in 5 min. I hope everyone is having a great post-holiday week!


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