April Showers

Picture of me and my cousin!

Man has it really been a month already? I was going to write a post about my awesome St. Patrick’s Day weekend (I still plan on it) and somehow it’s the beginning of April already. I seriously keep thinking St. Patty’s was last week. My new year’s resolution is dying before my eyes. I need a new system, and I’m still plagued with the need to write novels for you (the reader)! But you guys don’t have that kind of time, and until I build a habit of writing weekly and not necessarily giant posts you’ll just have to hang tight. I promise I”ll work on it this month though. I just have to get through April and I think the foundation will be there.

But today I realized that I was spending a lot of effort thinking about what to write so that it’d be engaging for you, the reader. But it’s not my intention to become popular with this blog, nor is it my intention to gather a large following. If it happens, great! If not, then really no skin off my back. I originally started this blog so that those friends that were terrible at keeping in touch could still have a glimpse into my life, and also to keep my skill with the written word from rusting to the point of non-functionality. Also I guess it’s a public diary of sorts, if at some point I gain enough of a following that people are commenting and that I respond I may tailor posts a little more to that, but for now I”m content just keeping those that grace me with their time and attention entertained for that portion of their day.

So I was watching Bones today, and fell in love with this song. I bought it with a $2 MP3 credit I had on Amazon and have had it on loop since. There’s just something about the mood that it sets that makes me very nostalgic and reflective. I love it, I haven’t really listened to the lyrics, I just hear the melodic lines and the atmosphere that the song sets. But I’ve been pretty reflective about how my life is now, what I want to work towards, and all the friends I’ve made, lost, and grown close to. I’m weird, I know that and I’m surprised I have quite as many friends that I do. Much less ones that WANT to hang out with me. More on this in another post though. Some of that is prompted by the “I’m Christian, unless you’re gay” article that has been making its rounds as well as the response to it. There’s so much hate in this world, and I’ve never really had to deal with it. Everywhere I’ve been has been diverse and accepting of everyone. I was raised in a household that was overflowing with love. And when I read articles like this, I just am confused and heavyhearted.

In summary, I have a few posts that have been bouncing around in my head for a while that I was hoping to have posted in some sort of epic poem format that I may just post as blurbs now to get into better habits. I’ve been listening to leadership CDs with my boss at work, and one of the things is personal growth and so I’ve set up some things like eating healthier, regular exercise, and now posting my blog on a regular basis. I’m doing well with the first two, so now I”m just going to have to force myself to do well with the last bullet point. Maybe I won’t always be able to write a longwinded post like this one, but I will just have to get used to it. Not everyone wants to read this enormous block of text anyways. Not sure if I should permanently switch to blogger.com or stay here at WordPress. Your input is appreciated. Thank you for stopping by and reading! I hope to see you around.


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