Movies and Games

So there has always been this sort of strange divide between video games and their hollywood counterparts. Usually they suck. I thought Prince of Persia was pretty good, it was it’s own thing while having elements of the game inside. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was video-game inspired, and I thought it was AMAZING. Seriously if you haven’t seen it, and you like video games – Go see it. End of story.
On the flip side of things, why can’t hollywood come to video games? Steven Speilberg came in and made Boom Blox. I think we’d end up with some great games storywise at the very least. Whether or not the game has replayability or is any fun remains to be seen. Even Guillermo Del Toro is showing interest, and maybe James Cameron will join the fray. He seems pretty poised to either make a sweet game or a great  blizzard movie – though really, Blizzard should make their own movie.

Guild Wars has trumped Starcraft 2 in terms of games I play. Meanwhile FFXIV is looking grim for me. Likely going to cancel the pre-order and save my 75 bucks for Guild Wars 2 😛 or Rock Band 3. Excited about those. If anyone wants to play Guild Wars with me and friends, lemme know I’ll get you into the guild.

I have so many things to look forward to in the next couple months. Playstation Move in 12 days, Wedding in 26 days, Rock Band 3 on October 26th, Grandma & Aunt coming from Taiwan in 18 days.

Again timing of my posts could be a little better but I still count this as Monday as I haven’t gone to bed yet 😛 Working on it!!


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