I Like To Move It Move It

So I need to time when I write these things better, but on the plus side, almost keeping my schedule.

Sorry for no videos of the singing, I caught some kind of summer cold or something. Maybe just some allergies going haywire cause I don’t feel sick, just nose dying and throat feels raw and now I’m coughing a lot. Not condusive towards singing. But I promise, 2 videos (if I get better) for this week, then 2 next, then 2 after that should catch me up. Anyone have requests?

So in 17 Days, the Playstation Move comes out. I am beyond excited. It’s gotten great reviews, and I KNOW a lot of people have been like “it’s just an HD Wii” but really is that such a bad thing? Kinect is just an HD Eyetoy. The only game I really plan on getting when it launches is Sports Champions, I’m mostly looking forward to the gladiator mini-game.  Initial impressions are impressive, and exciting. Saying that it’s like the launch of a new system isn’t too far from the truth, it’s basically a different way to play games/control. We’ll see how it stands the test of time though.

Been playing a lot of Guild Wars lately, to prepare for Guild Wars 2. The initial demo videos look amazing, and I am thoroughly excited. Moreso than FFXIV, especially after playing in the beta I can’t see myself playing it as much as I played FFXI. It just wasn’t as engrossing and the controls were awkward. The fatigue system looks intriguing though, might actually get me to play since I won’t be scrambling to keep up with everyone else if it’s implemented. But working on titles for my Hall of Monuments for Guild Wars so my Guild Wars 2 won’t have broke-ass, lame ancestors. Here’s a quote about how it affects your GW2 experience:

Your deeds from the original Guild Wars campaigns will be commemorated in the Eye of the North expansion in your Hall of Monuments. The Hall of Monuments will reflect the achievements you earn in Eye of the North as well as those earned in Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall. You will even be able to show off your hall to friends. Then, when Guild Wars 2 arrives, each of these monuments will correspond to special features your Guild Wars 2 characters can “inherit” from your own legendary past, giving you access to exclusive titlescompanionsweaponsattire, and miniatures. These inherited items are unique: there is no other way within Guild Wars 2 to acquire them.

Good Times. Anyways, I should get some Starcraft 2 in. Going up north for Labor Day weekend, then hopefully Arts, Beats, and Eats on Monday. Anyone interested? Lemme know.


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