Mighty Morphin Dynasty

Hard to believe I watched the premiere, in real time, of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Apparently I’m a year late to the party, but I guess after 700 episodes, the show is over! I’m actually mostly surprised that it went on that long. I remember losing interest around the time of the car one. After the ninjas. And of course the movie with Ivan Ooze. I remember this Sega Genesis game I had that we used to play all the time even though it was really simplistic it was a ton of fun. Anyways kudos to all of you who remember this era of television programming.

Classes have started! I’m taking Intro to Digital Image Processing and Mathematics and Numerical Methods for Engineering. Fun I know, should be interesting and useful though. Wayne State is alive and bustling with activity once again, which is always great to see. For those of you that go to school around here or work around here, hit me up sometime. Maybe we can meet up or get lunch!

Also for those of you looking for a Halloween costume. Perhaps dressing up as a psycho bandit is right up your alley. Speaking of Borderlands, free level cap increase! Should be awesome for the incoming DLC.

And also speaking of dressing up, anyone want to go to the Renaissance festival this fall?


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