School Bells Ring Again

So I’ve decided to shift my postings to Tuesdays and Thursdays as I have class on Mondays and Wednesdays, which doesn’t leave me much time to write between classes and research and whatnought. So here we are! School’s back in full swing, and my classes are interesting. I should enjoy them this term, we shall see indeed. Need to start focusing on applying to PhD programs.

So I never really saw the craze in HDR. It looks like one of those watercolor or Pen effects you can use in photoshop combined together. But it really is highly detailed and pretty, despite having a slightly faux appearance. But recently a company released a video of them creating video in HDR! It’s pretty amazing:

I don’t really have a lot ofcool links to show you guys, haven’t seen anything to really talk about. Just played a lot of guild wars. Getting real revved up about Guild Wars 2. So I’ll leave you all with a video detailing it’s personal story aspect, and world events aspect.

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