Maximus! Maximus!

So I waited a day to post because I got the Playstation Move this morning!
I’ve only played Disc Golf and Table Tennis, but the girlfriend is currently playing Gladiator Duel and it looks AWESOME.

So here’s a short summary of my first impressions:
Real-Time: The Move has almost minimal to no lag. I’m actually pretty surprised at it’s responsiveness. I expected some crazy lag out of it, but it’s literally tracking me 1:1 in real-time unless I’m moving SUPER fast.
Accuracy: The Move is crazy accurate. I always knew where my controller was on the screen, and approximately where it would end up based on how I was moving. There is no shakiness or random jumping.

•Sports Champions: This game is super fun in it’s simplicity. I also got Start the Party so I’ll post another post when we play it more this weekend.

My friend Will after winning the bronze cup at Gladiator Duel:

Will the Destroyer
Will winning the Bronze Cup at Gladiator Duel

Myself after the Archery competition:

Elmer's Archery Prowess
Post-Bronze Cup completion for archery

Until then, leave me some comments if you want to know more!

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