Pruner of Lists

So I did not update my blog this week. Apologies to my what, 3 readers? It’s been a fairly busy/eventful week.

As some may know, my 80 something year old grandma came in with one of my aunts (third, ie: my dad’s 2nd youngest sister out of 4) from Taiwan to visit. Primarily to see our vacation house which I’m currently at! They brought lots of delicious food and goodies to eat. So I’m excited about that, the devouring of the deliciousness that is. They’re staying another couple weeks, though one of those weeks will be up here so most of my next week will be unfettered.

After examining, and finding it difficult to navigate through my throngs of contacts (most of which have not been talked to in months or even years) I decided it was time for some precision pruning. And having published my intentions via my status on my IM programs, I was treated to plenty of messages by people who had made the cut inquiring whether or not they had been guillotined from my list. Some of my favorite responses after giving them affirmation of their continued presence on my buddy list included: “This is one island I will not be voted off of!” and “Let me know when you take me off your list” with complete confidence that screenname would vanish into the mists. Either way one of the conversations I had, involved someone who was never on my list and ended with us arguing about WoW. It gave me a great idea for my next post so I look forward to writing it.

I started reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series! Finished the first book a week ago, and the second book today. It’s adventurous and entertaining. Similar to Harry Potter but with it’s own charm, but then again I have always been partial to the mythology of the Greek Pantheon of Gods. I also bought the first movie which I thought was an egregious interpretation of the book. But more on that in a future post, as well as my own insignificant opinion of the books themselves.

Playstation Move has been great fun, but I’m looking forward to more substantial games. Also Archery is giving my arms a workout, and gladiator duel is it’s own aerobic workout. MAG apparently has Move support so I might pick that up near the end of the year since it’s been put on greatest hits. Here’s hoping LittleBigPlanet2 won’t get delayed any longer. Until then I can keep playing Guild Wars, just got my Legendary Skill Hunter title! Woo!

Until we read again!


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