I’m Back!

After a short Hiatus due to my busy life, but mostly me not budgeting enough time for these posts I’m back! This time with renewed amibition to stick to a 2 post a week schedule! That was my birthday resolution anyways.

What better way to come back than with a look at my random trains of thought:

Picture of a Train
I'm stealing someone else's bandwidth. I apologize in the future i won't.

So earlier I bent down to pick something up, and my scarf got in the way. So I thought “stupid gravity”, which led to me thinking about how i could overcome gravity if I could fly. Which led to thinking about how to fly without a plane, which led to me remembering about how to fly from reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This led to me wondering if any kids after reading the book stupidly tried to fall and “miss the ground” so they could fly. Which of course led to a Mom trying to sue the author for causing harm to her child with his “crazy fantastical stories” which led to a battle for first amendment rights and censoring within the court room. and then the author calling her a lazy useless mom who can’t take care of her child, and doesn’t educate him enough to know the difference between a story and real life. Then I caught myself thinking this. The End.


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