So originally I was going to post something way earlier, but then my laptop received the almighty BSOD whilst I slumbered. So I spent most of today trying to fix it to no avail. I’m pretty sure there’s a problem with the MBR and/or the actual hard disk. Guessing the MBR. For those non-techies, that’s equivalent (approximately) of you sticking your key in the ignition of your car and having the radio turn on. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll have it fixed or warrantied by the end of this week.

On another note, I read some interesting articles about our perception of time and I think I know way more than I wanted to. But I’m loathe to start an article and not finish it, so I’m a bit wiser for it. 🙂 Oh and all that stuff about invisibility cloaks a while back? How about a time cloak?! Well it’s still technically an invisibility cloak, and a super thick one at that. Actually it’s more like a Time Delayer, and with it’s current form you’d have to be pretty far. But still interesting nonetheless! So who’s up for distorting space-time this weekend?

I’d love to entertain you all with more text but I’m afraid I need to address this issue with the warlord that has taken over my laptop – BSOD.

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