All Laptops go to Heaven

So as some of you may know, my laptop is dead. Luckily it was in it’s last month of warranty, so i spent $40 to insure, track, and ship it back to gateway for some TLC. I was able to get my data off with the magic of external casings though, so that’s good! Anyways, I’m laptop-less for a week or so.

More recently I beat the Endless Setlist III on Rock Band 3, and while a good majority of the songs were from foreign (both literally and figuratively) bands, I managed to finish with a pretty high ranking. I was #155 on PS3s throughout the world for Rock Band 3 songs only. So that’s pretty cool, though I’m sure I’ve been bumped down a little since then. But some fun points from when I was thinking include being ranked high on some individual songs:

#20 Walking on the Sun

Other pictures are on my camera, so I’ll add them to the post tonight.

Which brings me to my last update. I have Linux on a external hard drive! So now I can have Linux wherever I go! Been a moderate learning curve, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. Plus Compiz Fusion effects are super fun.

Anyways, hope the 5 of you who actually read this blog have a great Thanksgiving vacation! Gonna try to squeeze another post in on Wednesday too!

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