Merry December and Happy Pre-Ex-Mas!

That’s right, Ex-mas. I decided to write it out phonetically instead of just putting it as X-Mas. Because inevitably people will pronounce it as Christmas and all us Futurama watchers know it’s supposed to be X-Mas. Which provides an excellent segue into how I found some awesome wrapping paper for the X-Mas presents I’m giving this year! I expect the lucky carbon lifeforms receiving my cadeaux will appreciate the homage.

I keep saving links so that I can write about them, and most recently in the last few weeks I found this one to be pretty representative of a lot of my friends and generation. I know I’ve cut back a lot on the constant Facebook and gmail checking. It’s pretty nice not mashing the F5 button to see what friends have posted. Apparently Facebook, if left uncapitalized, prompts the auto-spell-check in Google chrome to correct your grievous error. Just noticed this, in case any of you are trying not to piss off the spell-check overlords.

So I have no idea how I hurt my neck, but something (presumably the cracking of it that I have been doing of late) has caused it to be immobilized. So being in pain was difficult to carry out my daily routine and has thusly delayed the delivery, and more accurately the writing of, this blog post. Though I think I’m still keeping to my birthday resolution of 1 post per week.

Originally when I started using Google Reader, I was skeptical I would use it at all. But now that it, like the friendly black hole, has sucked in and collapsed all the blog sites I usually take that extra 2 minutes to type in and surf to I find it invaluable. Plus it’s easy to keep track of new posts by friends and the like as well. *hint hint* add my blog if you have it. 😉

Anyways it’s December! The month of the birth of that one guy. Where we, like the wise men, give gifts. (Who wants Frankincense?) So hope you all stay safe, and don’t get trampled for X-mas! Also if your’e in town, gimme a holler. We should most definitely meet up before I trek to the barren north of MI to celebrate XMas with not 1, not 2, but THREE cousins this year.

Oh yeah we made a snowman over Thanksgiving:

We made a snowman and a snow baby, and a snow dog, and a snow hydrant.
From left to right: Snow Fire Hydrant (for the Dog), Snow Sammy (Katrina's Dog), Snow Baby, Snow Chef (yes it's taller than me)

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