‘Tis the season

Finals are over, projects are over. I’m free!!! …to some extent. Still have to go to school to get some major progress on my research. However, I’m done with christmas shopping and just waiting on my hypnotoad wrapping paper so I can wrap the remainder of the parcels I purchased.

My friend sent me a link for Keri Hilson’s song “Pretty Girl Rock”. Since it’s on VEVO I can’t embed it so just mosey on over to Youtube.com to take a look. Aside from the song being catchy, the video is pretty awesome. I particularly like how the video manages to match the grain and visual style of each era of televised entertainment. That was probably the biggest thing I noticed. That and the homage to various famous female entertainment artists. I was pretty proud at being able to identify all but the black and white ones.

For those that care, I got the platinum trophy for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 two days ago! So I’m officially done with that game, unless others want to battle me. The community for that game is at times horrendous, and at others it’s amazing. I generally enjoy playing the ranged attackers (Temari, Deidara, Shino, etc.) but most people in the ranked matches just spam Itachi/Sasuke Fireballs. At first I was unable to figure out a strategy against it, then I found out (by having it used against my ranged guys) that you can just run in a circle and spiral into them before you destroy them. Normally they aren’t used to dealing with this and go down pretty quickly. Occasionally you have the player who knows how to counter/use Itachi/Sasuke as normal people. The second problem is dealing with Itachi’s Awakening (Susano’o spam). If you can get away, you can usually shuriken them to death as long as your support is blocking thier dashes (dash cut).
Either way I’ve met a handful of people that added me on PSN because “I was good at the game/good challenge”. I was pretty perplexed because I lost to them by a fairly large margin. Like….Patriots vs Lions bad. But they seemed to think I was a good player (they were also ranked way higher than me, so I was pretty flattered) so I friended them. I’ve played occasionally since then with them, gotta love the internet.
However, I’ve also gotten messages that span from “Learn how to play you spamming idiot”, to “YOU FUCKING SUCK AT THIS GAME. STOP SPAMMING”. Generally I reply with “how do you expect someone to play a ranged fighter like Temari/Deidara? Learn about other characters except Sasuke/Itachi”. lol Which sometimes I get a reply back with “They have melee attacks”. I think it’s hilarious that they spend the time and effort to send me these hate messages. Let me explain something to you people without the game, the ranged attackers have 3-4 combos in the game’s combo list that use their ranged attacks, and one melee attack combo that’s only 5 hits as opposed to their 9 hit ranged combos. Please do the math. It’s hilarious how stupid people are when they lose.

I recently bought Munchkin and Settlers of Catan for enjoyment over the holidays with my cousins. I’ll update you on how that goes after this weekend. If you haven’t heard of these games or played them, please do yourself a favor and do so at your earliest convenience – immediately.

Hope you all have a wonderful holidays! Get back to me with what you did 🙂


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