Video Games and Christmas Break

So as is tradition in my family for the last 4 or 5 years, we’re going up north to our vacation house for Christmas! Usually with Katrina’s family as well. Great fun to be had by all. As I mentioned in my last post, I have recently acquired such games as Munchkin and Settlers of Catan for our vast enjoyment. Should be fun. When we aren’t enjoying each others company, and screwing each other out of levels in Munchkin we’ll likely be skiing/snowboarding. Well I’m the only skiier now out of my cousins, but then again skiing is for the truly |337 anyways. I gotta work on my 360. But I should have some time to myself on my PS3 sometime this break, which means I can start working on my backlog!

As I’ve finished Naruto, I think this is the order of games I shall play:

God of War 2 (get the last trophy I need for plat as it’s driving me crazy)
God of War 1 (Also missing 1 trophy, speed run. Gotta finish game in under 5 hours so not too much time wasted)
3D Dot Game Heroes (gotta finish game on spelunker mode, started but never finished. Should be fun)
Uncharted 2 (I finally got it)
MAG (with friends  and girlfriend when they get it for Christmas)
Demon’s Souls (With girlfriend and friends)

Just Cause 2
Front Mission Evolved (On loan from a buddy)
Singularity (If I can deal with the scariness)
Gran Turismo 5 randomly
Valkyria Chronicles (Gotta finish the first game so I can start the PSP sequel)
God of War 3 (Beat the game on Titan for that last trophy….)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, wanna try it on Legendary

Echochrome II
Kung-Fu Live
Dead Nation
Take another crack at Savage Moon

So much to get through. Though I probably would’ve knocked off half that list if my parents weren’t super annoying about me coming home and playing ANY games at all. Can’t wait to move out. Just gotta secure a job -_- so far no prospects from anywhere and that sucks.

Here’s hoping you all have a great Christmas Break! Leave a comment or something with what you plan on doing for the holidays/what you did! I may or may not post between now and the 28th. So if I don’t talk to you until then, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night. Oh yeah Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, Joyous Kwanzaa!

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