Parking Etiquette

So it’s been what like 20 days since I posted? That’s a lot of posts to make up. I’ve been busy with school, and also League of Legends. It’s free, you should try it.

So there’s some huge winter storm coming, and people are flipping out about it. I feel like the last time this happened, we got 2 inches of snow. But then again, radar looks intimidating. Either way, a snow day could be fun. About time we had some snow here.

So what’s been bothering me these last few weeks is parking in our structure. I always end up seeing a spot, and then realize I can’t fit because one of the cars (or sometimes both) decided they were too lazy, or stupid, to reposition their car straight in the spot. Instead they’re slightly in the next spot. Not enough to look like a total douchebag, but enough to hinder another person from parking in that spot. Really? You couldn’t take the extra 30 seconds to straighten out your car? Were you that late for class, or are you just that lazy. At least people that park in two spots are owning their douche-baggery. The people that don’t park straight, or are straight but somehow thing it’s okay to be slightly over or on the line that separates two parking spots, are still douchebags but they haven’t realized it yet. As you can tell, I’m irritated cause those spots are always in good places in the structure too. It’s irritating. It’s only a matter of time before laziness turns us into the blobs that you can see in Wall•E.

Fat Lazy Humans
Wall•E Humans of the Future

That aside, I recently started playing the Sly Cooper Collection. I beat the first one this weekend, and am working on the 2nd one now. It’s AWESOME. I can’t believe I never played this game before when it came out in the early 2000s. It’s a bit on the easy side, but the story is great and it’s not that the game isn’t challenging. If you haven’t played this before I recommend grabbing it on PS2, or even better PS3.

Well that’s all for today, I will try to keep posting. I get a little caught up in League of Legends these days, and also research is starting to take off. So we’ll see how things go. I wll have 104 posts minimum by the end of the year though!

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