Spring is in the air

So the weather has been awesome recently. A couple days ago it was low 40s, and it’s only kept on increasing to the low 50s today. So awesome, I love spring. It’s my favorite season. Everything smells so fresh, and you know it will only get warmer.

So I’m just uber failing my resolution to write a post once a week. I don’t even know why. I think I always envision that it will take an hour or so to write a post. But it takes more like 10 minutes. I have literally 15 tabs open on my browser for “sharing” or as a topic of discussion on these blog posts and I haven’t done anything. So I’m revising my resolution to be 104 posts by the end of the year. That averages out to 2 per week.

Technology has helped us stay in touch in ways never thought possible before. And now gaming can help! I think it’s no surprise for people that have played MMOs, that playing games online with people can help strengthen bonds with friends. Even more annoying is how people can tell you that friends you made online aren’t real friends because you’ve never met them. Meanwhile you have spent more time “doing things” with that online friend, than you have with your friend that you’ve met in person. Obviously the best scenario is doing things online with friends that you know in real life. Either way, the next time you’re trying to stay in touch with friends, consider games! Whether it’s something simple like Yahoo Games’ Literati or something larger like World of Warcraft, even shooters like Battlefield and MAG.

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