Snowpocalypse v2.0

So I woke up and saw it was snowing. Went downstairs to play some League of Legends and Sly Cooper, came up and noticed it was still snowing at 4 PM. Realized it wasn’t going to stop snowing and then started to plow the driveway so my parents would have no trouble getting up. Let me tell you, gas-powered snowblowers are annoying. Well gas-powered anything, the fumes are especially potent from the snowblower than our lawn mower for some reason and I was getting light headed. Luckily I finished within an hour, but not before I was able to snap some pretty pics:

I feel like this was worse than the first snowpocalypse, if only because it was fairly sudden.

When will people learn not to text or play games and walk at the same time. The child I can sort of understand, but the lady at the mall is inexcusable. It’s almost as bad as the girl who fell into a manhole cause she was too stupid to watch where she was going. Seriously I can only hope my children, and my friends’ children, possess a minimum amount of neurons that will keep these kind of things from happening.

I also can’t imagine how empty your life must be if you are this possessive about your gameboy. No one should really get this violent over anything. Terrible. Anyone want to build a society away from society?

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