Snow Day!

It’s so nice to have snow days again. My previous academic institution was unable to cancel school due to it’s own law department suing the university. Reminds me of an Ouroboros.But yesterday’s snow day was awesome! Spent the morning sleeping, and the first part of the afternoon getting my car to the tire shop to fix a flat/puncture. Then made fa gao! Very delicious.

Today it’s 40 degrees again. Seriously what is up with Michigan weather. It’s CRAZY. It’s so nice out today though, sun is shining and it’s not that cold. Well I mean it’s pretty cold for most people but I think it’s very nice.

These kinds of stories leave me incredulous. How someone can just force themselves to stay awake and not eat/drink to the point of exhaustion and coma is just nonsensical. Even when I played a ton of FFXI, I always made sure to eat and sleep. This is ridiculous. I agree with the article though, that the internet cafe staff allowed him to just sit there for 72 hours without being like “hey buddy, go eat and sleep” is pretty negligent. Even bars have more liability than this. A bartender is supposed to arrange for a cab if someone is too drunk to drive home (I think).

Here’s some mario music for an outro! Enjoy your day people!

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