The Coming of Summer

So it’s been steadily getting warmer. This is great. It’s my theory that the freak 80 degree weather day we had about a week ago had to be offset by snow the next day, followed by a painfully slow warm-up to where we are now – High 50s and Mid 60s for the next week. But all this warming up has gotten me excited for summer!

Finals are done for me, and now I just have to finish my thesis. Hopefully I can get that done within a month. I started part-time job that, HOPEFULLY, turns full-time at a laser company. I really like it there, and hopefully they like me. Then I can move out, and lay in my sumo chair while I play PS3 after work. I suppose I should add “while sipping a gin & tonic” on there too just to add to the picture of comfort.

So Portal 2 came out Tuesday. I beat it Yesterday, Wednesday. Both single-player and Co-op. I mean I guess I didn’t expect it to be that long, and it was certainly worth the $35 I spent. The story was solid, it expanded on the portal universe, and the NPCs (Wheatley and GLaDOS) were hilarious. The humor in that game is real pro. I highly recommend you borrow and/or buy this game ASAP. I’m certainly hoping they release more levels or at least release some sort of level editor so that, in the ethos of web 2.0, the players can start making some challenging puzzles. Not really an official review, but there’s my opinion of the game.

People need to stop doing the Video Games = Violence thing. I’m sure there are cases where it may have influenced them, but really if your child can’t distinguish reality and fantasy either you did a shitty job parenting, or your child has mental health issues. Probably a combination of both. This video doesn’t even use proxy guns, everything is mimed. The pretty cartoon-y effects are all done in post so really, what are you complaining about. At least your child is outside creating something about video games, rather than mindlessly inside playing them. So maybe instead of bitching, you should be encouraging them to apply that creativity in a more productive fashion.

Not much else to update on. Oh yeah, my chocolate soufflés came out AWESOME. My lemon ones…they need work. But here’s a delicious picture to leave you guys on.

My Chocolate Soufflé
Fluffy Chocolate Soufflé

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