Now you’re thinking with portals

Short post today, primarily because I have a final tomorrow. well in 11 hours to be precise. Need to study. More. At all. More.

Portal 2 came out today, it’s awesome as it always was. The humor in it from Stephen Merchant, and in general is awesome. The story is furthered, which I didn’t really think it was going to be possible. It’s really a parallel/direct continuation of the events of Portal 1. The Co-Op mode is amazing. It’s a welcome addition, and I can only hope that Valve releases some sort of user-created map editing software so that players can make their own puzzles. I mean that is the trend these days right? Make a handful of great maps to start, and then make your customers do all the work for replayability because you know they are more talented than you? Maybe not so dramatic but they should seriously look into hiring level designers based on user-submitted levels.

Nyan Cat is now endless, and extremely catchy.

Also for those of you who have not yet purchased Portal 2, at Best Buy you can get it for 45 bucks on PS3 which also includes a PC/Mac edition. On top of that they give you a 10 dollar gift card, effectively bringing the price to 35 dollars.

That is all.

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