Spring has arrived! – Woodbridge Pub

So spring has finally decided to rear it’s ugly head. It’s been crazy windy lately, some might even call it blustery. I half expect to see piglet with some stools and a pot of honey fly by my window.

So in wondering what to write about every day, I thought about what I do the most often. I eat at restaurants fairly often, I cook, and I play video games. So why not write about that! Granted I don’t necessarily feel my palette is sophisticated enough to be a food critic, nor my cooking chops up to snuff. But perhaps my reviews can be from a slightly more educated laymen’s perspective. At the very least I can attempt to recommend places for my friends and perhaps the odd visitor to my blog, a place to eat in the area.

So I suppose I’ll start with the Woodbridge Pub

I had been here before when my friend Grace took me for a evening snack and drinks. Having driven on I-94 to get to Detroit that day, I saw the Woodbridge Pub greeting me as I took the exit ramp for Trumbull. I decided to stop by and see what they could offer for lunch. I suppose they had your typical bar food, but with a a seemingly healthy twist. I probably should have taken a picture of the menu to post here, but I suppose you can just look on their website. I ordered the turkey burger for lunch that day, and forgot to take a picture.

However I returned the next day for dinner, and they were packed. Both visits yielded prompt, friendly service and I didn’t wait more than 15 min for my food, regardless of how packed they were. The turkey burger was delicious. The ciabatta bread it was served on was a nice touch, as I’ve only had turkey burgers on burger buns, and I really liked how fresh it made the turkey burger seem. The burger itself was well seasoned, and well-cooked. Overall a delicious experience. I would definitely bring people back to eat there. The food is inexpensive, delicious, and the service is excellent.

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